Mistress Lydia’s rules to go with her new bdsm playspace.

Serve a FemDomHere is my WISHLIST for Mistress Lydia’s new bdsm playspace. Some of these items are duplicates but there is a big need for multiple items of the same kind.

Many of you don’t know that I now have my own playspace and will be extremely selective on whom I schedule at my new bdsm playspace. Just because you contact me doesn’t mean that you’ll session there. I may require a deposit to avoid wasting my time. Your first inital contact will be via text than if I like where it’s going I will talk to you on the phone to confirm a day and time to schedule a session.

If you’re interested in being a full-time servant email details to lydiadouleur@gmail.com. I hate when slaves think they are easy because they are doing a chore but remember sometimes it’s emotionally draining to always have to give my attention or not. Sometimes I need time to just space out and relax my mind a bit. If you want to hang out at my playspace that is fine but remember I need my own time as well. You will have to be there for a reason.

I have a list of chores and have assigned personal slaves to complete them. There is a reward system in place for those who do well. For those who don’t, you can leave. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass. I could care less. You either follow my rules or you don’t. I am not the Domme who gives pleasurable punishments. My punishments are things you may fear or hate. After spending time with you I figure this out on my own.

Cocky bitches who have been in the lifestyle for a while will be beat down emotionallty if acting like a know it all in my space. You are not more important than anyone else unless you are a head slave or we have a special contract. Newbies, I do love you and it’s fun to see you experience your first time doing many exciting things.

Newbies always think I am going to do something without their consent and that is never the case. We talk first then explore different fetishes together to see what you may or may not like as well as your tolenerance level. I do have a background in nursing and take safety seriously. If I deem you worthy I will conduct an evaluation to see if I can use you in the future. Everything is discussed and communication is the key the entire time for your first session. Just know that I rarely accept newbies unless I feel like I will enjoy the session.

Sometimes going on field trips with my slaves is fun. Let me know if your comfortable with this. Discretion is always used. Your information will never be given to anybody unless we have some sort of blackmail contract. We go out YOU ALWAYS PAY!

I enjoy doing DoubleDomme sessions, inquire more about this. I will be conducting educational, private classes for couples and weekend parties and retreats.

If your interested in working with me then send 3 photos and a bio with experience to lydiadouleur@gmail.com. I only deal with women who are strong and really trustworthy and smart. You must be able to be creative and to think on your feet. If you’re not then don’t apply.

If you would like to set up a session with Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur then text me at 919-234-7128. Feel free to use the contact form as well. Realize that I am in the RDU area of North Carolina. I do travel on occasion and take special travel request.

You must schedule time with me. I am rarely available at the drop of a hat unless your on my backup list for cancelled sessions. Make sure you are ready to schedule when contacting me.