Shiny Boots

PayPigs Wanted

If you think you are a deserving little piggie that is fit for a queen such as Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur then apply to be here human ATM.

She is very selective and careful when selecting personal slaves to serve her finacially because her time is precious and does not need to be wasted. Use the contact form below to explain what you would do and how you would do it in order to please Mistress Lydia.

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If you are selected you will go through a test run then possibly offered a contract if she see’s fit. Contracts are rare indeed and rarely offered. You must have the total package.

Good Luck and be prepared to spend $50 on your application to be Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur’s personal wallet.

PayPig Application Fee

I wish to be Mistress Lydia's Human ATM. The application fee is $50.00. This is not a guarantee that you ar given the position of her personal wallet.


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