Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur states that something unknown is fucking with the universe

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The strangest occurrences have been happening all around me. My friend got stung by a swarm of 20 bees out of the blue. Then while we were eating at a restaurant she had a bee fly off her purse and stung her. Then as we were riding in the car bees appeared again with screams
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Mistress Lydia is very excited to be preforming at “Dominate Me” the fetish event in Fayetteville and displaying  just one of many ways to do a mummification. Here are more details about the show. Look for me around 9:30pm if you go. More Details: Dominate Me 4 Mechanika Post Apocolyptic “ There will be swords, whips, and
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Here is my WISHLIST for Mistress Lydia’s new bdsm playspace. Some of these items are duplicates but there is a big need for multiple items of the same kind. Many of you don’t know that I now have my own playspace and will be extremely selective on whom I schedule at my new bdsm playspace.
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Everyone has their own style I believe but of course we kind of all stick to the same rules and have the same safety concerns.  I do not feel like any Domme is better than another and I enjoy meeting and talking with many beautiful women.  As for myself, Mistress Lydia, FemDom I have so
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For you lucky bastards who already know me then the good news is you’re in. For those still trying to schedule time then always know that the best things come to those who wait. I will be accepting a very limited few live session beginning in July. If I can somehow squeeze you in and
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You’re invited to Casting Call For Mistress Lydia’s NC Slave House: http://evite.me/dAkjNGQn4j  

Click the link below to apply to serve me in the slave house NOW! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/apply-to-serve-mistress-lydia-and-friends-247-tickets-46136694094  

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