I’m glad you decided to find out more about me and my site The TopFemDom. I’ve been in the BDSM world since 2004. Believe it or not I started out as a submissive and later trained to be a Mistress. I couldn’t even imagine have the things done to me now that I did in the past. It’s interesting how we evolve has humans.

I do enjoy watching others squirm because they are uncomfortable, embarrassed or in pain.  Most of my clients can’t have any marks so I don’t always get to have my own joyful session using pain sluts.  Humiliation is a huge factor for me. I throughly enjoy placing people in uncomfortable situations and laughing my ass off.

However, I do care for my slaves that serve me regularly, the bond we have is like no other. Sometimes my sessions are therapeutic which I don’t mind but I always enjoy having fun. If I’m not laughing during a session then I am not having fun.

Having a nursing degree has been useful in some particular times.  Also, having a life coach certification and being an author helps as well. My hobbies and passions vary but I do enjoy my queen The TopFemDom status.

I enjoy all the other ladies in the business. I would never degrade a soul and I enjoy lifting women up so that they can achieve their goals.  I believe in women and know that if we stand together we can get a lot done.