What are Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur’s Expectations?

When communicating with me via phone or social media always remember to use your manners. Even though I enjoy having fun and display a fun attitude online always remember that I am the one who determines if an activity or a person is enjoyable or not. Just because you may be having a blast doesn’t mean that I necessarily am. You cannot offer me something that hasn’t been offered before and has been offered to me day after day. Also, keep in the back of your pathetic mind that the other person I allowed to do whatever you offered was most likely 100 times better than you could ever be. Seriously, get over yourself boys! Everyone PAYS unless you have a ring on my finger or pay my bills.

Put your money where your mouth is. Many people I have wasted endless hours with because they talk too much, try to top from the bottom, get off on just the idea and become very chatty wanting to know details and the ones who think they are so good looking. LOL! Remember, I have others who are 100 times more than you could ever be. Get off your high horse and get the manurer off of my boot.

When requesting a custom clip or photo set always include what the deposit would be along with timeline for the finished product. I will not get all of the extra pieces in order without a deposit. This is why it is referred to as a custom clip. I do have some extreme BDSM video clips that I am not allowed to post on other websites to sell them. My videos never include those under the age of 18 or anything with animals.

I am accepting submissions for paypigs. If you’re not serious then don’t even bother. I am extremely picky about whom I call my paypig. Well, if you can’t send an initial tribute to even chat with me then we will most likely NOT work. Are you ready to be my personal piggy and receive all the benefits that my little losers have of being owned by me. Remember, many don’t cut it or have what it takes and I’ve seen this time and time again.

As many of you know I have gotten rid of about half of my clients so my energy is only given to those that respect my time. With this new change and some recent family stressors it is imperative that you always show me how much I am appreciated. Send me money or Amazon Giftcards to help with my transition recently only accepting the very best slaves possible to session with. Do what you can today and check out the different ways I accept payment. I no longer use PayPal.

GooglePay lydiadouleur@gmail.com

Venmo @Lydia-DOuleur

Cryptocurrency – Contact me for more details.

Virtual Terminal – Inquire for details.