July 2019 with Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur

There are many exciting ways to meet Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur this July whether it’s scheduling an online or live session. The tour planned for July 2019 has been canceled except for one destination. Inquire as to which location on the east coast that I may be popping up in soon. I do travel as needed for VIP clientele only.

PayPal is no longer a payment option for me, so as a writer and performer after many years PayPal cut me. I’m not sure which policy was broken. Was it me being a woman making money non traditionally? I currently have GooglePay lydiadouleur@gmail.com and Venmo @Lydia-DOuleur as payment methods for deposits. If need be there is a virtual terminal I use as well.

Silent Tributes Are Very Much Appreciated! Venmo @Lydia-DOuleur

I’ve had a lot of time to think since cutting half my clientele. I cut slaves that were timewasters, cheap and liars. I have zero tolerance for any bullshit. If you have not seen me then I require a deposit. You can not pay me at a later date. Imagine if you went to work and your boss said I’ll pay you sometime next month. Before a session I have prep work, sterilizing instruments, organizing and running sessions, scheduling appointments, screening clients, web work, events, podcast, marketing and my favorite, CLEAN UP! NOT! I love when people say well have the slave clean it. I shake my head and watch the pathetic assholes all of a sudden not know anything about being an adult. LMFAO!

One of the things I find so entertaining is slaves who believe they are entitled because of the way they look or maybe an executive position held. I don’t care to be perfectly honest with you. I most likely have no idea who you are in life due to my secret bubble. LOL! If you have no respect for yourself or towards me you most likely were cut from my client list. There is no entitlement. You reap what you sow. No games played here. No bullshit! No, unblock fee just when you’re blocked you will never have the honor of speaking to me again. My service is non negotiable. You can not offer me any service in lieu of tribute because you are not special and not worth my time.

Consider yourself a lucky person if you have had the opportunity to session with me in person or online. I individually pick whom I want to session with. If you interest me then use your shot at a session to impress me. I can be impressed with gifts, tribute, amazon gift card, vodka, perfume and by being a well-mannered slave.

Lookout for Wall of Shame Updates Coming Soon!

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