One of my best times working as a Domme

I was on my visiting tour in Asheville, NC one of my favorite places to go. The architecture is beautiful and being a huge fan of ghost stories this place is ideal for me. There are many ghost tour but I was lucky enough to find one that wasn’t your typical scary story bump in the night stuff. The one we went to was put on by the Asheville Masons. The tour guide, a mason gives a lot of historical information as we walk the streets. The vibe outside reminded me a bit of the movie, “Lost Boys” and I really did feel like vampires were around us.

The fun in Asheville was continuous and the phone rang so I answered. The guy on the phone asked if I would be interested in performing at a bachelor party with about eight guys. I thought about it and quoted an enormous amount of money thinking he would not do it. I was doing Double sessions with another Goddess and I would consider us both to be two very tough girls. Theses two scary ladies also have a trunk full of terrifying items that can be used as weapons. The guy on the phone agreed to the amount and we went back to our condo and started to get ready.

I tried not to think about it too much. I am one crazy and scared driver when in the mountains. During one of my driving adventures of the past when I went to Brevard, I drove up a curvy mountain that was terrifying, to say the least. If a car was driving the other way there is not enough room for both of us on the road so one would have to back up. As I kept driving towards the top of this ridiculous yet scary road I begin to imagine a group of klansman at the top and decided to not go any further. I began driving the car backwards down the winding mountain.

I absolutely love the mountains when I’m not driving in them. After getting ready we finally arrive at the house that the group of guys was renting. Outside it was pitch fucking dark and we drove up to the house after I almost went off the cliff. There were no lights and my nerves got the best of me. My uncontrollable laughter sank in due to nervousness and I had tears coming out of my eyes because I was laughing so hard. I almost pulled a Thelma and Louise with the other Goddess but thank god that I stopped just in time. Finally, the car was parked on the side of the cliff. I was not quite sure how I would get out of here and back on the road but I decided to worry about that later. One emergency at a time.

We step out of the vehicle and several of the guys come out. The groomsman says that his friend things that strippers are coming. I laughed and said that we are far from that. They had big smiles on their face. I was always one to put on a show and enjoyed doing it, thanks again Meisner Approach Claases. We walk in and freshen up in a bathroom and talk about how we are going to do this.

The Double Domme team is now ready, bring us to the groom. The groom is sitting on a chair relaxed and smiling. He looks like he is getting ready for a lap dance. No lap dances today. We rip off his clothes and tell him to get down on the ground. I yell hurry hurry hurry like a drill sergeant in his ear. He is dumbfounded and was not expecting this. All of his friends are laughing at him and he has a big smile now as well.

So after about 3 hours of dressing the groom up to look like a beautiful sissy, we then began mummifying him and did some light flogging and electrical play until we were done. It was exhausting but I must say one of the best times I had yet. I don’t know why every bride to be doesn’t want this for her husband to be. We took photos for them and they loved it and thanked us immensely we left. I conquered my fear and had a great time doing it.

Now here is the shameless plug if anybody is interested in a Domme bachelor party with Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur and maybe some of her friends. Email or text me at 919-234-7128 to check availability.