Exciting things to come for Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur’s Interactive Playground

There is so much happening and I continue to be extremely busy. I will always be grateful. I’m adding new content to TheTopFemDom to make it more of an interactive online fetish playground.

One item that has been added is the Wheel of Excitement. You must be an online cult member in order to play. The game does include task, jackpot for Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur and discounts on future sessions. Send an email to lydiadouleur@gmail.com of your interest in joining her online cult and if chosen you will be allowed to spin the wheel. It is free to become an online cult member but you must have a means to pay electronically if you land on two of the chooses presented on the wheel.

The Sissy Calendar is still in the works. I have some great sissy models but am always on the lookout for more. Submit a photo or during a scheduled session have me take photos for you. You may be selected to be in the calendar. All proceeds from the calendar will go to St. Judes Children’s Hospital. There will be an announcement will they go on sale.

As you all know I have written for every magazine published to this day and am very proud of my work and the magazine. The magazine has really taken off. The models are absolutely breathtaking and I love everything about it. If you love beautiful women in the fetish scene and metal music then check out Dominate Me Magazine.

Just a brief run down if you are trying to schedule a session with me. I am extremely busy and do not have time for games or chit chat. If you’re new I will require a deposit of you before giving you the address to MyDarkPlaySpace in Chapel Hill or even to confirm a time with you.so

I am also lucky enough to choose whom I want to session with due to the high demand. Just because you contact me doesn’t mean you will get a session. I must find you interesting and want to schedule you. There is not entitlement that you will be guaranteed anything. Text me at 919-234-7128 to begin the scheduling process. I answer when I have the time.

Online Store Coming Soon! I will be featuring an online store soon with items I am selling, videos and much more. Some days I may have special giveaways. You must be an online cult member to receive these special notifications.