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Dominate Me Magazine #1

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Dominate Me Magazine #1

Writing has always been a passion for me even before becoming a Pro-Dom. As a young girl it was the cheapest form of therapy. Writing has always been a best friend of mine that doesn’t speak, which is the best kind. I’m not saying all friends should just shut up and listen but the majority of them SHOULD! Dominate Me Magazine is beautiful in the way it captures metal music and the BDSM/Fetish Scene.

Music for me is an essential extension of my creative capabilities and can be used to create the atmosphere you want to create during a session. An example is playing folk music for a mindfuck session unless the sub had some kind of fear to folk music. Anything is possible! The music I play in the background while working creates what I want the environment to be as a Professional Dominatrix.

It’s an honor to be a part of such an amazingly unique and beautiful magazine. You can purchase your copy of Dominate Me today digital download or via print or you can have both. If you have suggestions on future articles or content then contact me using the form below. Contact Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur via the form below.