January 19th at 8pm Date Change for GS Party and Slave Competition

There has been quite a few request to change the date of the event till after the holidays. I agree and have decided to change the date of this event to January 19th at 8pm.

This will indeed be the party of the century. The outcome is expected to large and many slaves are excited to participate in this live streaming event.

All guest must be 21 and over. This is an adult party. tickets must be presented at the door or no entry. Ticket sales end on January 15, 2019 or if the event is not sold out.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. The address of the party will be given on the 15th of November based on the crowd size. The event will be very luxurious and fun.

The event will be held between Raleigh and Chapel Hill area just so you have a general idea.

If you come there please do not disrespect anybody else’s fetish or what they do. You will be removed by security with no refund.

There will be a Slave Competition with prizes and a loser crowned #TheTopGSSlave. This will be a competition like no other for these watersport lovers. If you are competing email Mistress Lydia with a photo, short bio and if you are ok being filmed.

The tickets can be purchased through our secured payment gateway.

Date of Mistress Lydia’s GS Party and Competition will be January 19, 2018

Starts: 8pm 

Last until ???

Address will be given January 15th and should not be shared with anyone. You must show your purchased ticket before entering.

Limited Availability So Hurry!

Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur says that men need more discipline in their lives

Men seem to forget about their role sometimes in the D/s relationship when the women is the Dominant half of the relationship.  I believe we need more strict training programs for these losers that do not abide by their Mistresses rules or demands.  Men are not entitled to anything and need to be reminded of this on occasion. No longer dealing with slaves or submissives that can’t behave or have no manners at all. My time is limited and I only deal with those I want too. Remember that you lucky little shits are spending time with me. Many other subs which they could be you for that moment when your with Mistress. Don’t take it for granted.


Mistress, should not have to ask for anything! It should be understood and common sense what she needs right now. Send a Paypal to lydiadouleur@gmail.com or via CashApp $LydiaDOuleur. I think this video that Goddess Marx and I made the other night shows where men should start out in our lives.  I have a new playspace in the Chapel Hill area and rent is due. Send Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur a thank you tribute to help her pay for her playspace.


If you would like to request a scheduled session with Mistress Lydia text me at 919-234-7128. Be prepared to make a deposit if I do not know you or have never had a session with you. The deposit can be paid via PayPal, CashApp, Bitcoins or e gift cards.