Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur states that something unknown is fucking with the universe

The strangest occurrences have been happening all around me. My friend got stung by a swarm of 20 bees out of the blue. Then while we were eating at a restaurant she had a bee fly off her purse and stung her. Then as we were riding in the car bees appeared again with screams in the back to stop the car. She was stung again another five times. WTF just happened?

Then my stepdad who has heart problems but never any urinary issues is admitted into the hospital with acute renal failure. One doctor says you will be okay and another says we need surgery or you’ll die. Huh? This bag of urine does not look normal. Again, WTF is happening?

Suddenly I have several financial domination request. I am very picky and selective as to whom I allow into my circle. This one had issues from the get go and I should have known to be leery. Do not EVER approach me with begging for a contract if you are more than just a loser. No one gives a fuck and realizes that they must work hard for me. I require much effort, money and time. I will release his details later. The conversation bores me but again I think WTF just happened.

There are signs all around us that the world is a bit out of wack. Thank god for my top slaves who will always be obedient and loyal. I will only surround myself with positive people or those who can benefit me. Don’t put an ounce of energy into those losers who just suck you dry. Make sure that the people you love are cared for and from time to time you may have to put on that advocate hat. Wear it proudly and accept nothing less then what you deserve.

Much Love To My Ladies ❤️❤️

Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur