Advertising of sex workers on the internet

IMG_8024Much has happened since my last post. Craigslist personals have come down and Backpage has been seized. There are not many cheap options to advertise now if you’re a sex worker.  The Eros-Guide is still around and for Dommes they may want to try Dickie Virgin.

On my radio show I will feature different guest in the BDSM scene as well as this website. I will also be focusing on live streaming events.  My members will get discounts and special access that is not given to others.

I’ve had to rethink many different avenues in order to keep my business successful while helping others.  Of course I don’t agree with human trafficking but what about all the others who are making a living? What about those workers that are on drugs and work to pay for their habit? What will become of them?  What about pedophiles now not having online access to view sex workers ads and now taking matters into their own hands secretively?

I’m not saying I agree or disagree with any actions but I do know that their will be repercussions. The online companies will make more money so the government can tax it and regulate it.  Their will become more of an underground scene that could potenially be more dangerous.

What will happen to all the pimps, drug dealers and sex workers that are now not making any money?  Where will they go? What job will they be able to get? How will they eat?  As a result crime will increase. I have much more to say but I will leave it here for now.

What are your thoughts?


Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur

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