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My name is Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur and I’m a Professional Domme. I also like to use the term fetish engineer. That line kind of sounds like an AA meeting but I am proud of who I am. I’ve been in the lifestyle for over a decade.  My job is a big part of me and what I do is such a tension reliever and fun.

I’m in the process of starting a radio show and a membership site.   There is so much more I have to offer than just the lucky bastards who get live sessions.  I’ve been an actress as well since I was young. I enjoy playing the role of a Domme because it comes so natural. I have a nursing background, life coach and am currently taking my hypnosis certification.

I’m not competitive at all regardless of the title of my site.  I promote Mistresses all over and if I’m not available then I’ll recommend a great provider who is.  I want to see women in general do well and take on more lead roles. Having started off as a submissive many moons ago I know what my subs are feeling and what they need. Don’t think you can dominate me though because I will tase your ass. LOL!

I so many great stories to tell that are funny and crazy. My membership site that is coming will include videos, live chat with me, invites to a private radio podcast, contest and live streaming events. I enjoy keeping in touch with my subs and for me to stay on their mind always. They must have me always in their head, kind of like an addiction but one you won’t get sick from.

I do enjoy newbies they are always fun.  The older generation sometimes is to damn stubborn as far as subs but not always. I let them have it my way. I don’t take every call that comes. Luckily I have the ability to pick and choose whom I want to see. I’m very leary on working with new people but will if our screening goes well.

I have such high self-esteem that I know I have what you need and you will grow to be a part of my addiction.  If you can’t serve me in person then you better have some special skill or money to serve me online or over the phone.  I hate cheap people. I don’t need any charity cases unless I just want to kick your ass.

I do perform at private events. On March 23rd I will be at the YKW BDSM event in Fayetteville. Stop by to see me. This would be a great way for me to get to know you so you’ll be more likely to get a session with me. Send me an email to or text me at 919-234-7128 to let me know your coming. You have to sign up early to session with me on board next to DJ.

If you’re interested on being on my radio podcast “The Top Fem Dom” please contact me so we can set something up via email. Please type radio show in the subject line if you wish to be streamed live while broadcasting and live in the Raleigh area then let me know. If your within 8 hours of me this may be a possibility as well since I travel often.

I will not tolerate rude behavior and block you immediately. I have zero zolerance for games. We are here to discuss the fetish/bdsm lifestyle.  Feel free to send me suggestions as my website is underdevelopment. Other Dommes please reach out to me and we can see how you can be a part of something big for us women.


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